Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shall we dance..............

......or shall we leave it to the professionals, like this Handsome couple from Steiff.

This musical affair comes in an edition size of only 2500 pieces worldwide.

The wooden turning musical base plays an authentic German Melody.

The grandparents of this delightful couple, started dancing in 1925 and can be seen still dancing at the Steiff museum.

To order this very well groomed couple, please click on the heading above.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

A sell out at..........

........R John wright.

News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! ! News Flash ! !

Fiona and Duncan have sold out at R John Wright.

We do have stocks available, but as we have said before, they are selling fast.

Just to let you know,

Sold Out from R John Wright

Marcella and Raggedy Ann

Nursery Alice

We have stocks of both these pieces.

To order any of these pieces, please click on the heading above.

Marcella and Raggedy ann fly's in...........

..........., this piece is so beautiful, I put out the red carpet for her arrival.

The character of Marcella was modeled after illustrator Johnny Gruelle's real life daughter, Marcella.
Marcella was the creative muse for Gruelle's original Raggedy Ann stories.

To order this amazing piece, please click on the heading above.

Ring the changes, little bear !................

............„Click-a-Bear”. A Teddy bear for every occasion.

Let Teddy bears do the talking!
A black, red and yellow bear as a lucky charm for a German football fan during an international championship. A Teddy bear in a stylish grey fur suit as a business companion in the office. And Teddy bear's head suddenly turns red when you fall in love. Give your imagination a free rein.

The "click" trick at a glance:

"Click-a-Bear" is made up of 36 different coloured Teddy bear components (6 heads,
6 bodies, 12 legs, 12 arms), which are all available separately.

Each component is equipped with a strong magnet, enabling you to click together any number of multi-coloured Teddy bears in a matter of seconds.

Teddy bear with a broken leg
What consolation: the Teddy bear with his leg "in plaster" is bound to make any patient feel better soon. You can also put his arm in plaster too, of course, with just a single click.

These bears can be made up into your football team colours, For example

German Football Team

A web page for this has not been made as yet, so please call 01531 635 290 for your requirements.

Something Different and New..........

........here at Apple Pie House we try to cater to all tastes and pockets. so we have sourced a new product from a company with the most charming of names,


Decorative Candles is their business. and we have brought you a selection of items.

Orchid Candle in Coconut shell.

Bubblegum Scented Gel Candle in Shot Glass

To view these and other pieces, please click on the heading above.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Some new friends join the Hug..........

...........we are pleased to present Clemens Bears.

We have chosen at first a few bears from the artists Jack and Marion Finhold.

More bears will follow over the course of time.

To view these bears, please click on the heading above.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another Sell Out........

..........from Dean's.

The third bear from the Autumn range has sold out.

He is


We have only one left, so order as soon as you can,

For more information on this and other editions available from Dean's, please click on the heading above.

Cheltenham Bear fair has been Cancelled............

........... we were due to show at the Cheltenham Bear Fair on the 2nd October,
alas this bear fair has been cancelled.

We will keep you posted with any new dates for Cheltenham.

Don't forget we are located only 20 to 30 minutes away from Cheltenham, so why not pop over sometime.

we are open

Monday - Saturday 10am - 5pm

So lets not be sad, have a good giggle today, and come and see us someday.

Here is someone who likes to have a giggle.

Snow White : Turtle and Chipmunk: Ticklish Turtle.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hush a while and listen......Can you hear.............

........the music of the night.

This wonderful bear is third in a series of musical bears from Steiff.

English Musical Bear
Phantom of the Opera

Height 30cm

Steiff’s history, lavish with romance and adventure, provides the perfect reason to celebrate England’s most famous composer and his legendary musical “Phantom of the Opera” which celebrates 20 successful years in 2006.

The nation’s favourite musical is preserved within this beautiful classic bear whose heartbeat plays the legendary music of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Music of the Night”.

This romantic musical epic portrays a mysterious masked figure who roams the underground of 19th century Paris, centring his activities around the Opera Populaire, where he tutors a beautiful young soprano. The Phantom believes he has found love.

This engaging interpretation of the masked mystery totally envelopes the romance of the musical and absorbs the bewildering character of the Phantom.

To order this bear or any of the other great editions from Steiff, please click on the header above.

Clay-mates arrive in stock, read on for........

......more information.

Once you start you just can't stop.

Clay-Mates all have names and birthdays and retirement dates – look out for the rare ones.
Minutely-made entirely by hand – No two are identical! No moulds or machines here!
Made from high-grade Porcelain Clay so watch you don’t drop them!
Lucky Clay-Mates? Clay-Mates don't fade or deteriorate-they will last for generations and some collectors say certain

Clay-Mates bring them good luck!
They’ve all have been brought to life in an oven at 1300 degrees centigrade (ouch that’s HOT!) for 12 hours.
Collect the whole range if you can- there are about 180 to collect.
Collector’s take care! – Keep them out of reach of your little brothers and sisters – they may try to eat them!
Looking after Clay-Mates? Get your own Clay-Mate house

Clay-Mates make cool presents
EVERYONE likes Clay-Mates! – not just little people. Great pressies for all the grown-ups in your life.
They’ll put them on their car dashboard or computer screen and think of you every time they look at them.
Enjoy collecting Clay-Mates!

Web page is under construction.

Just arrived from...................


Set of four British Isles Key Chain bears.

English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh

These are great to hang from your rear view mirror or off your hand bags, almost anywhere.

Sold separately

To order please click on the heading above.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

New editions to the Apple Pie Hug...............

.......... these new little guys come to us from Nadia Jacobs of Nadja Bears and annie Davis of Malvern Bears.

Nearly all of them are one of a kind bears, there are all sorts to choose from.

Marduk Ltd.Ed.1 of 1

we are so glad Annie chose to come out of retirement for us and create such wonderful bears.

Moppet Ltd.Ed. 1of1

To order these and other great artist Bears, please click on the heading above.

Please remember these are one off bears, so order as soon as you can.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

NewsFlash from Steiff..............

............. Reports just in from Steiff.

there are four Sell Outs already from the Autumn and Christmas Ranges.

First to go is the :-

Teddy bear set Matrioschka Ltd.Ed.750

and also from the autumn catalogue are two others:-

Teddy bear ZOTTY (black) Ltd. Ed.

Mohair Teddy bear with wooden airplane Ltd.Ed. 2005

and one piece from the Christmas range has Sold Out.

Nativity set Ltd.Ed. 1000

To order these or any of the new pieces, please click on the header above.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Watch out theres a Little.................

............ Devil about called Boo.

Do not let him know, but he is not that scarey at all.

So come out from behind the sofa and have a look at him.

Boo comes to us from the USA.

To order him, click on the heading above.

Two sell outs already............

...... from the new deans collection.

These little guys are selling fast, so do order as soon as you can.

The two bears are:-

Checkmate Ltd.Ed. 50

Rainbow Ltd.Ed. 20

We still have stocks available of these two bears so click on the heading above and order today. as we all tell our kids, when they have gone they have gone.

Talking of gone, this is now the case of our Shop Exclusive Pippin. She has now been rehoused and we thank every one who has helped in re-housing her.

Pippin now Sold Out.

We still have a few Appletina's Left so do not delay and order yours today.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Dean's new catalogue is out and the................

......... editions are selling out fast.

Cherry Bakewell Ltd.Ed. 30

Click on the heading above to view the new collection.
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