Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ring the changes, little bear !................

............„Click-a-Bear”. A Teddy bear for every occasion.

Let Teddy bears do the talking!
A black, red and yellow bear as a lucky charm for a German football fan during an international championship. A Teddy bear in a stylish grey fur suit as a business companion in the office. And Teddy bear's head suddenly turns red when you fall in love. Give your imagination a free rein.

The "click" trick at a glance:

"Click-a-Bear" is made up of 36 different coloured Teddy bear components (6 heads,
6 bodies, 12 legs, 12 arms), which are all available separately.

Each component is equipped with a strong magnet, enabling you to click together any number of multi-coloured Teddy bears in a matter of seconds.

Teddy bear with a broken leg
What consolation: the Teddy bear with his leg "in plaster" is bound to make any patient feel better soon. You can also put his arm in plaster too, of course, with just a single click.

These bears can be made up into your football team colours, For example

German Football Team

A web page for this has not been made as yet, so please call 01531 635 290 for your requirements.
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