Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Clay-mates arrive in stock, read on for........

......more information.

Once you start you just can't stop.

Clay-Mates all have names and birthdays and retirement dates – look out for the rare ones.
Minutely-made entirely by hand – No two are identical! No moulds or machines here!
Made from high-grade Porcelain Clay so watch you don’t drop them!
Lucky Clay-Mates? Clay-Mates don't fade or deteriorate-they will last for generations and some collectors say certain

Clay-Mates bring them good luck!
They’ve all have been brought to life in an oven at 1300 degrees centigrade (ouch that’s HOT!) for 12 hours.
Collect the whole range if you can- there are about 180 to collect.
Collector’s take care! – Keep them out of reach of your little brothers and sisters – they may try to eat them!
Looking after Clay-Mates? Get your own Clay-Mate house

Clay-Mates make cool presents
EVERYONE likes Clay-Mates! – not just little people. Great pressies for all the grown-ups in your life.
They’ll put them on their car dashboard or computer screen and think of you every time they look at them.
Enjoy collecting Clay-Mates!

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