Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Exclusive Apple Panda from Riffenberg Bear Co. arrives and....

...he is amazing. The craftsmanship of Jane Monroe, can be seen to its full glory.

Apple Panda
Limited Edition 10

He is 14" tall and made from Hand Dyed Mohair

Apple Panda comes with a Hand Made Primitive Calico Apple, made by Jane's daughter of Primross Designs.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Deliveries from Steiff and Artists arriving.......


Selection of wonderful pieces that have arrived recently:-

Fairyland Bears > Lime - One Of A Kind Creation

Steiff - The Little Drummer Boy - Musical Ean 037368

Granville Bears - Aubeary and his car.

Steiff - Lladro Ornament Bear Ean 038419

and something a little different in the Disneyana section, an amazing picture by a highly collected artist - Nelson de La Nuez, He has a grand following of collectors with such names as John Travolta and Rosie O'Donnell.

Nelson De La Nuez > Mickey Mouse - Original Monotype Painting

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Friday, November 23, 2007

SURPRISE !!!!!...Steiff Santa in the Box, pops up to wish... a Merry Christmas.

So just draw back the catch and up pops Santa Ted.

Alpaca Santa in the Box Ean 038419
Limited edition of 1,500 pieces worldwide.

Have fun with Santa Ted in the Box, by clicking on the header above and ordering yours today.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Glimpse into the Future with Steiff 2008.......

......Spring / Summer Collection.

For the worldwide editions we will see an edition to the Margarete's Country Garden Series.

Sigi The Hedgehog Ean 037092 - 20cm with music box
Limited to 2008 pieces

and to help the celebrations of Easter, we will see a Chick Ornament.

Kuken chicken ornament EAN 038433
Limited edition 2008 pieces

Across the Pond in the U.S we will see another Springtime favourite:-

Mr Hopkins - Steiff USA Exclusive Ean 681288
Limited Edition 2008 pieces and stands 7 inches.

Mr. Hopkins, based on a 1930s pattern and is a very friendly blue bunny with a jointed head. He sports a handcrafted wicker basket on his back with two felt carrots hopping by just in time to welcome Easter!

and for the Summer a very sweet bear holding a butterfly.

Ava, The Butterfly Bear Ean 681127

Limited Edition of 1500 pieces.Ava is a 5 ways jointed bear and stands 13 inches tall.

She is made of beautiful slightly curly genuine pale mohair with a precious pink organza bow tied softly at her neck. Her butterfly companion is handcrafted of felt with intricate airbrushed details.

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If you are ordering an ARRIVING SOON piece a deposit will be taken at the time of ordering and the remainder when the item is sent out to you, or you can pay using our Lay A Way system. If paying on Lay A Way, please let us know on the ordering page, in the special requests box.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Daddy Appleton, our 10th Bear from Dean's in.......

......the 10 years of selling their bears.

As our Ten year celebrations come to an end, we saved the biggest for last.

Daddy Appleton is an amazing 20 inches tall and is one big cuddle.

( click on the picture to enlarge )

Limited to only 12 pieces, he is selling fast.

So do not delay order your today, by clicking on the header above. This will take you to the Daddy Appleton page and from here you can order him or call 01531 635 290.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Steiff USA - Teddy Kapitan Ean 667954 available on a.....

....first come first served basis.

We have just heard of a few pieces of the Kapitan Bear from the USA have become available.

This bear is a 22 inch, five-way jointed classic teddy made from grey mohair designed to appear sun-bleached. He is handsomely attired in a navy blue uniform jacket complete with nautically themed buttons and trim. He has a very unique appearance with unusually shaved muzzle and stitched brown nose that has a wonderfully dimensional look.

He was a 2005 North American Exclusive from Steiff.

Only a few remaining, so order as soon as possible, please click on the header above to order.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Steiff - Bobsleigh Set Ean 672484 speeds in to the shop...

.....just in time for the winter Games.

Go Team Steiff Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This superbly crafted Bobsleigh set with two little bears, wearing Steiff team jumpers and snow goggles is part of the Autumn Winter Limited Edition Collection.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

R John Wright - Shop Exclusive - Appley Dapply Arrives.....

....and she is a most beautiful mouse you may have ever seen.

Measuring a diminutive 3" tall, Appley Dapply™ from R. John Wright is made of the finest mohair plush and is jointed at the neck and shoulders. She features realistic coloring, hand embroidered features, black glass eyes, inset whiskers, resin hands and feet, and a leather tail.

Based exactly on the Beatrix Potter illustrations, Appley Dapply™ comes wearing a dainty cotton apron with a pocket and hand embroidered border design. She wears incredibly tiny blue leather slippers on her feet and comes holding a custom-woven basket and hand painted plate with four pies!

Appley Dapply is selling very fast, so do not delay order today, by clicking on the header above.
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