Monday, August 31, 2009

Xenis Update..... new pics new pieces...... and....

... Sell Outs.

I am very excited as Marlene Xenis has just sent through pictures of the up coming set Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

From Artist sketch to reality.

Snow White Limited to 75 pieces

* Seven Dwarves limited to only 50 sets *
( matched number service to Snow White )

Joining the Character Collection is a charming little Orphan boy...

Oliver Twist

This wonderful character has been brought to life in glorious Canadian Maple and wears a linen shirt, wool trousers and coat and has a sack slung over his shoulder. Ready to find adventure and the true love of a family.

He has hand-painted eyes that just steal your heart.

Oliver is the second piece in the Character Collection, the first being Charlie Chaplin, an absolute stunning piece, but alas Charlie has Sold Out at Xenis and we have sold all our allocation as well.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Show Specials from the Isabelle Collection arrive.....

.... In Stock.

Mr Humphries and Pumpkin

These pieces are all SOLD OUT at source, so get them while you can.



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Friday, August 21, 2009

A Change of Scenery for Apple Pie House as the.....

......Antique Centre moves to a new building.

We are now open at Gloucester Quays Designer Outlet Centre

It’s has been a very busy time in the last six months planning the move to Gloucester Quays.

Apple Pie House is now open in the new Antique Centre on the second floor and it is fantastic.

So now there are several reasons to visit Apple Pie House, to see Graeme and all the bears and dolls and then there is the Designer outlet centre just next doort. With great names as Calvin Kline, Le Creuset, Austin Reed, Gap, Marks and Spenser Outlet and Next Clearence plus many more.

Graeme is seen on TV again, to see this click on the header above.....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Palmer Cox is famous the world over for his delightful children's books on the fictional creatures known as the "Brownies." ...


His inspiration for the Brownies came from the Scottish folklore that still survived in and around Granby, Quebec, where he was born in 1840.
Cox learned these folktales from his mother which featured the Brownies, or little members of the fairie or goblin world: "imaginary sprites who delight in harmless pranks and helpful deeds. They work and sport while weary households sleep, and never allow themselves to be seen by mortal eyes."

Considered a pioneering artist of the Platinum Age of Comic Art, Palmer Cox moved to the United States in 1876 and in 1883, he debuted his pixiesque characters in St. Nicholas, a prominent children's magazine of the time.

Cox brought the Brownies of childhood myth to life with his painstakingly detailed illustrations and classic four-beat iambic verse story-poems. In the process, he revealed a commitment to bringing elements of the wildly imaginative and slightly absurd into the lives of 19th century children.

To reflect the country's burgeoning immigrant population, several nationalities were represented as Brownies including the Native American Indian, Irishman, Chinaman, Scotchman and others.

Occupations were also depicted in the form of the Jockey, Policeman, Sailor, and Dude. It became a national pastime to choose one's favorite Brownie character to identify with.

The first collection of Brownie stories was published in 1887 as The Brownies, Their Book, which sold over a million copies - an unheard of number for that time. Cox would go on to publish 15 more Brownie books, and the stage play Palmer Cox's Brownies (1895) would run for nearly five years.

Palmer Cox is also recognized as a pioneer in the area of licensed merchandise. He allowed his wildly popular Brownies to be marketed by numerous companies selling a wide range of products and advertising promotions which included dolls, figurines, puzzles, games, toys, chinaware, soap, smoking paraphernalia, and countless other items now highly sought after by collectors. Perhaps the best known use of the Brownies in marketing was in the naming of a revolutionary new camera from the Eastman Kodak company which first appeared in 1900. The Brownie Camera, as it was called, was a simple and inexpensive handheld camera which popularized low-cost photography and introduced the concept of the snapshot to the world.

With his merchandising of the Brownies, Cox predated by decades the Disney company's employment of their characters to market spin-off merchandise.

Palmer Cox died on July 24, 1924 and left behind a legacy of delight for children and the young-at-heart.

It is with great pleasure R John Wright brings to life these beloved Brownies for the very first time in the medium of molded felt.
In addition to the Brownie Band members, there are ten individual character Brownies planned in the collection: Uncle Sam; Chinaman; Indian; Dude; Irishman; Sailor; Canadian; Policeman; Scotchman; and Jockey.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

A treat for Disney collectors from Walt Disney Classic Collection as.....

....GRAND JESTER STUDIOS Launches new Disney-Inspired bust collection,
Burbank, CA - March, 2009 - Grand Jester Studios proudly announces the debut of a new line of dynamic busts designed to capture all the grandeur and power of The Walt Disney Studios' noblest heroes, loveliest heroines, and vilest villains.
Brought to life by Disney and Grand Jester Studios under the creative direction of animator and sculptor Rubén Procopio, these limited edition polystone busts offer collectors and Disney fans alike the opportunity to bring home and display their favorite animated and live-action characters in this detailed collectible format.
The first seven offerings in the collection include the fairest of them all, Snow White, and the diabolical Witch who plots her demise; The Little Mermaid's majestic King Triton and Ursula the scheming Sea Witch; puckish prankster Peter Pan and his nemesis, the maniacal Captain Hook; and the high-flying Rocketeer, who has earned the distinction of becoming Grand Jester Studios' first sold out edition. ( we have sold out of this piece as well )

"My goal is for each character to practically leap off the shelf with their expression and vitality," states Procopio, whose ability to infuse each bust with a dynamic line of action springs from his years of experience as both an animator and sculptor. Now the famed artist has directed his considerable skills to designing and art directing this amazing new collection of busts. As Procopio explains, "each figure's pose and attitude is designed to highlight the unique physical mannerisms and personality traits that Disney fans worldwide have come to know and love about their favorite characters."

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Coming soon !!!

Disney Busts © Disney, produced by Grand Jester Studios from Enesco, LLC., under license from Walt Disney Art Classics.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Charlie and Isabelle Show Specials.......

.... arrive in stock, and selling fast.

This entire collection has sold out with Charlie, so only available were you see them.

Show Specials were a selection of bears only available to those retailers that attended the NEC Spring Trade Fair.

And yours truly was there to order these wonderful pieces.

I only have a few remaining so do not delay order yours today, by clicking on the header above.
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