Thursday, July 28, 2005

Now that is some walk......................

......Somebody at Steiff decided to take Uberdax the Dachshund out for a walk, and have know only just come back.

So the little guy has had a rest and has been completely house trained and ready for adoption.

So click on the heading above to read all about his pedigree and how for a small fee you can adopt him.

Please N.B. Walks are optional.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Awaiting Dean's all new.......

........Autumn Catalogue.

Look out for a preview of Dean's exciting new Autumn 2005 range, coming soon!

Here is a little taster in the name of Annie.

To view other great bears by Dean's, please click on the heading above.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Skittle sets arrive and are...........

.........selling fast.

This is a great chance to buy your very own piece of Steiff history.

The original sets sell for Thousands.

To order yours, click on the heading above.

What a great year................

........Steiff is having,
and what a way to celebrate your 125th anniversary, with
so many sell out editions.

we can now announce a further four editions have been completed.

1905 replica

Camel on wheels (1908 replica)


Rainy day Paddington

To order these or any of the other great Limited Editions, please click on the heading above.

Stocks are in short supply, so do not delay order today.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fun new items arrive from.....


Steiff's designers have come up trumps, yet again with their new Cosy Friends and baby range.

Keep an eye on your Honey as there is a new bear in town, called Cosy Bee Bear and he just adores honey.

He can look after your keys as a handy keyring or just sit around and keep you company as the dangling teddy.

Talk about dangling, you must see the new baby pieces, not only do they dangle, they squeak and some rattle.
Two styles are available. Donkey or Lamb.
A must for any baby and I must admit the squeak on this piece is hilarious.

To order these or any of the baby and Cosy friends range please click on the heading above which will take you to the index page.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Came in and went straight out !!!......

.....The way these guys are selling, I am surprised I can even type this to let you know.

The guys in question are the fabulous

Fiona and Duncan
by R.John.Wright.

Limited to only 300 pieces each and as the heading says selling fast, the first batch, has come in and gone straight out and the second batch, arrive Tuesday, 80% of this batch is pre sold, so a further delivery will arrive in a week or so.

So order your set as soon as possible, Steff and I have. ( well, we do collect as well .)

You can purchase the bears seperatley or as a matched number pair.

To order please call 01531 635 290 or click on the heading above to go straight to Fiona, and then use the search bar to find Duncan.

Squirrel Nutkin™ invites you............ a game of pine cone skittles, but he does ask if you could bring your own Crab Apple, as he is thinking about eating his.

Squirrel Nutkin, says he is sorry about the delay in his arrival, this was due to him trying to perfect his game and the fact that the apples he uses, are so very tasty.

Squirrel Nutkin is in a limited edition of only 1500, and stands a pine cone skittle champion height of 12 inches.

Due to people waiting a long time for this little guy, and anxious to play a game of the pine cone skittles, matches are being booked up very quickly.

So to order your Squirrel Nutkin, for a lifetime of games, please click on the heading above or call 01531 635 290.

Warning : Game playing is not necessary with the purchase of this Squirrel.

Friday, July 15, 2005

WOW !! What a bear and a...............

.......great afternoon.

5th July was the day and the 125 Karat was the bear.

As collectors waited in anticipation.

For the arrival of Ian Munroe and this fabulous bear.

The bear was placed on show and Ian gave a talk about the bear and then handed out white gloves.

A feeling of excitement was felt in the shop as the bear was brought out of its purpose built showcase and handed to one of the eagerly awaiting collectors.

A gasp of joy was to be seen from every one, as the bear was passed around for inspection.

The afternoon was a great success and Steff and I would like to thank everyone who could join us on the day.

The bear is still available and can be ordered by clicking on the heading above or calling us on 01531 635 290.

Over 30% of the edition has gone and selling fast, so do not leave it too long, to give us a call.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Dean's are on the move..........

.......... After almost 40 years based in Pontypool, Dean's have now relocated to new premises in Herefordshire.

we wish them the best of Luck with the move and for the future.

Orders may be a little disrupted, while the move is in progress but we all look forward to the new autumn catalogue.

If you have any questions about Dean's Bears please call us on 01531 635 290
or call Dean's direct on 01981 240966.

Talking of things on the move, we have a very cute bear called Pippin,
Limited edition of only 25, and out of this edition we only have 5 left.

To order Pippin, please click on the heading above.

Ships Ahoy ! ! Look who is sailing into see us....

...... Direct from America, An North American Exclusive by the name of

Teddy Kapitan

Bring some turn-of-the-century nostalgia to your Steiff collection with Teddy Kapitan.

This 20-inch, five-way jointed classic is made from sun-bleached looking grey mohair.
He is handsomely attired in a dapper navy blue uniform jumper, complete with nautically-inspired buttons and trim.

You’ll love his matching seafaring beret,
his earnest expression,
and stocky build.

To order click on the heading above.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Sold Out but in Stock...........

British Collectors Bear 2005, has sold out at Stieff, but here at Apple Pie House we have managed to locate some more and have them for sale at their retail price, so buy now before the prices start to rise on the secondry market.

To order click on the heading above.
Still available to purchase are..>>

1908 Green
Mrs Tiggy-Winkle
1926 Clown and
Koala Ted

Only available now while stocks last.
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