Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Completed Edition announced by R John Wright.......

.....The original White Rabbit joins the list of retired pieces.

White Rabbit Ltd.Ed.500

To order this piece, please click on the header above. We have Limited Stocks available, so do not delay, order today.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dean's announce further completed Editions.............

......From their Autumn / Winter collection.



Honey has been withdrawn at this time

We are also told that they have limited stocks (ones or twos left only) of the folowing:-

Blueberry Muffin, Plato, Willow, White Sand, Evening Shadow, Bamboo, Dandelion, Patch, Mathilda, Nocturne.

And from the Spring collection:-

Gerald, Gold Standard, Cocoa, Dolly, Sebastian, Queen Elizabeth II

To order any of these great bears, while available, please click on the header above.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Steiff announce further completed editions.......

......from the Autumn / Winter Collection.

The following items from the autumn / winter collection are sold out:

EAN 037375 Polar Bear Ornament
EAN 037412 Angel
EAN 037450 NATIVITY SET 2006 (2nd Part).
EAN 037481 Pegasus
EAN 037504 Christmas Teddy 2006
EAN 037511 Teddy bear Pierrot
EAN 037535 Teddy bear beige w. bird Romance

We still have stocks availble at this time, so do not delay, order today, by clicking on the header above, this will take you to the 2006 Autumn / Winter page.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Two more shows booked for October, we will be.........

Kensington Town Hall London
Judy Bebber's Doll and Teddy Fair

15th October Sunday
11am - 4pm


Stratford Holiday Inn Warwickshire
Teddy Bear Fair

22nd October Sunday
10.30 - 3.30

Just to remind you,
We will be at ALEXANDRA PALACE London on the 29th October Sunday.
10.30 - 4pm

So why not come along and give a bear a hug.

1909 Brush-Dax replica Steiff Ean 400360

Friday, October 06, 2006

Club Members Discounts for Dean's and Steiff, ......

......with your orders through the web site.

The Club Discount for Dean's and Steiff Club Members, is 10%.

We are in the process of updating the site to include this statement on each of the pages :-

" This item is eligable for Steiff Club Discount of 10%,

Please type your Club Membership Number into the Special Requests box. This can be found on the ordering page.

Your Discount will not show on the order form, but will be deducted by us when we receive your order. "

The Club Dicount does not occur on Overseas or Shop Exclusives.

While we update the site, please place your club membership number on all your orders, for Dean's and Steiff products, and we will let you know if this item is eligable for discount or not.

Any questions regarding this, please feel free to call us on 01531 635 290

Steiff Pegasus Ltd. Ed. 1500 pieces worldwide. Now a Sold Out edition at Steiff

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last Minute Booking.......

......... Steff, Graeme and the bears will be at

The Rochester Teddy Bear Fair.

The fair is this sunday, 8th October.

10am - 4pm

So why not come along and give a bear a hug.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Steiff celebrates the 250th anniversary.....

.... of the world's most famous composer Mozart, with two superb limited Editions.

Teddy Mozart with Music Box EAN 656408

A 12" mohair bear with music box that plays Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik.
Limited Edition of only 2006 pieces worldwide.


Teddy Mozart Ornament EAN 656392.

A smaller version of this wonderful bear, ready to hang from your larger bears paws, from an ornament stand or this piece would look stunning on the Christmas tree.

To view these pieces, please either click on the header above, to go straight to the Steiff Autumn / Winter Collection page or you can type the name MOZART into the search bar.
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