Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hush a while and listen......Can you hear.............

........the music of the night.

This wonderful bear is third in a series of musical bears from Steiff.

English Musical Bear
Phantom of the Opera

Height 30cm

Steiff’s history, lavish with romance and adventure, provides the perfect reason to celebrate England’s most famous composer and his legendary musical “Phantom of the Opera” which celebrates 20 successful years in 2006.

The nation’s favourite musical is preserved within this beautiful classic bear whose heartbeat plays the legendary music of Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Music of the Night”.

This romantic musical epic portrays a mysterious masked figure who roams the underground of 19th century Paris, centring his activities around the Opera Populaire, where he tutors a beautiful young soprano. The Phantom believes he has found love.

This engaging interpretation of the masked mystery totally envelopes the romance of the musical and absorbs the bewildering character of the Phantom.

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