Saturday, June 30, 2007

New selection of Granville Bears arrive, these...

....cute little characters are made by Susie Smallwood of Malvern.

From Left to right >> Driscole the Golly - Annie - Hoi Sin - Crunchie the Rabbit and Bubble and Squeak

To order these adorable pieces, please click on the header above and scroll through the wonderful pieces, only available from Apple Pie House.

A wonderful show was to be seen at Lostwithiel....

.... Thank you to all those who braved the weather to come and see us.

This show has a great atmosphere and a lovely array of bears, from the old to the new.

Steff and I were there with a grand selection of R John Wright, Steiff, Dean's, Deb Canham and a whole host of artist and manufactured bears.

We were so happy to see so many of our Collector Freinds and to meet lots of new people.

Click on the picture above to view a larger version. Call for availability of products shown ( 01531 635 290 )

If you couldn't make it to this particular show, may be we will see you at another, if not in the shop.

Next Fair in Lostwithiel - 25th November

To see future shows we will be attending, please click on the header above.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Steiff announce the next Swarovski Bear.......

..... the amazing,

Poinsettia Bear

Following the very popular Steiff Swarovski ornament bears called Daniel and Crystal, Steiff have announced the Poinsettia Swarovski exclusive for the USA market.

This beautiful new design is made from silver coloured mohair. She wears the stylish new Christmas ornament from Swarovski, which is in the shape of a Poinsettia flower and is made from two-tone crystal.

As with the previous two bears in the series she features a Xilion crystal in her ear in place of the usual button.

With the help of our friends in the USA, Poinsettia bear will be available later this year, so do not delay order yours today, by clicking on the header above.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hot Edition ** Deb Canham ** Hot Edition ** Deb Canham ** Hot Edition....

....Hot Edition ** Deb Canham ** Hot Edition ** Deb Canham ** Hot Edition ** Deb Canham ** Hot Edition ** Deb Canham ** Hot Edition.

My Friend

A 3.75 inch black mohair bear with a tiny dollshouse size golly.

He is a Hot Edition and will be available for us as a shop to order for only one week.

Once this week comes to an end the edition will close.

This will be gone in a flash, so order today, by clicking on the header above.

Fairyland Bears join the ever growing.....

...hug at Apple Pie House.

These wonderful minitures are created in Cornwall by Hayley turner.

From Left to right >> Tempie - Jessy golly - Pea Pod - Tandra the dragon

To order these adorable pieces, please click on the header above and scroll through the wonderful pieces, only available from Apple Pie House.

An Exclusive offer for the UK and Europe... R John Wright's Nippy Baby Cub Bear is now....

available from Apple Pie House at an amazing price. Only £310.00 including P&P

Nippy by R. John Wright.

Baby Bear Series Researched to reproduce individual, true-to-life details, he holds a fish in his paw.

Fully jointed with bent legs and constructed of the finest custom-woven mohair. He has imported glass eyes, felt nose, realistic felt paw pads with resin claws, and is filled with pellets and soft cotton stuffing.

Nestled in a deluxe hand-cut presentation box with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition 500.

One of five pieces in the BABY BEAR COLLECTION.

Nippy was an exclusive edition for Campbell's Collectibles in Crown Point, Indiana and now available exclusively in the UK and Europe through Apple Pie House.

Do not miss out on this superb offer, to order please click on the header above.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steff and Graeme would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to all......

......those who came along to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and to those of you who sent cards and emails of Congratulations.

A grand time was had by all, a trip down memory lane for some as I was seen reprising my hotelier role, serving teas to the masses.

Neil and Barbara Miller of Dean's were on hand to sign bears, which for some included our Sold Out Special Apple Crumble. This wonderful little character was Limited to only 15 pieces and sold very quickly. For those of you who missed out, watch out for our Autumn Special. Call the store now to let us know you are interested in hearing about this bear.

The other mouth watering edition on offer on the day was Apple Pie and Custard a Little Gem by Deb Canham. This very cute pairing of a bear and a mouse in an edition of only 50, were snapped up very quickly leaving only four available, so do not delay, order yours today by clicking on the header above.

It was a fun filled day with lots of decisions to be made with many bears finding new homes to go to....

Future dates to keep in mind >>>

16th September - Steiff Event.

11th November - Winter Warmer Event.

So once again

Thank you so much for making our day so wonderful.

Both Steff and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Messages sent in >>>>

"Hello both Just to say thank you for your hospitality yesterday. It was a lovely day and even the rain stopped for the celebrations. Many congratulations on your 10th anniversary, here's to the next 10. See you soon. Julia"

"Hi Just home and had to say a big thank you for a lovely afternoon. Hope you both had time to enjoy the day as well, as without you we wouldn't have had such a wonderful shop for so long. Will visit again soon Jennie"

"Hello, Just wanted to say have a great day today, im sure its a success! we are both very sorry we are not there to join in. Best Wishes Vicky and Phil Magson"

"We so much enjoyed yesterday thank you both so enormously. I look forward to another visit when the Dean's Plum Pie comes in. Beryl"

"Hi Graeme and Steff , thankyou for a lovely tea and making us most welcome at your lovely shop. Many thanks Lesley and Tim"

"Just received little "Apple Pie & Custard". He arrived in perfect condition & so cute! I have collected Deb for many years, but this is my 1st British special edition. Thanks, Brenda"

'Just wanted to let you know that Apple Pie & Custard arrived safe and sound yesterday. So adorable! Thanks so much,
Lynn - USA"

Thursday, June 14, 2007

10th Anniverary Celebration Tea Party is drawing........

.......closer and the excitement is growing by the day.

Shop Exclusive Update >>>>>

Apple Crumble limited to only 15 pieces and made by Dean's Sold Out in a matter of hours. Watch the blog for information on our Autumn Special.

Apple Pie and Custard by Deb Canham and limited to only 50 pieces has also sold very well with only 9 left in the edition.

Appley Dapply by R John Wright is proving very popular and we are eagerly awaiting the picture of the prototype as I know many of you are, we are very pleased with the uptake so far, so do not delay as you may miss out on this rare opportunity to buy a very limited R John Wright Beatrix Potter Mouse.

The shop will be open on Sunday 17th June from 11am and Neil and Barbara Miller will be signing bears from 2pm. Bring your Dean's Bears in for signing or take a look at the great selection of bears available in the store.

Just arrived are such delights as the brand new suumer collection 2007 >> Triffic Ted by Barbara Ann - Ltd Ed. 25

and the quite sort after >> Tit Bit by Barbara Ann Ltd. Ed. 25

also designs from artists such as Janet Clark, Chloe Wilson, Jill Baxter and Neil and Barbara Miller.

Smoo by Chloe Wilson Ltd Ed. 40

To view our Store Exclusives, Dean's Bears and a whole host of other superb pieces, please click on the header above, this will take you to the Index page. Once here the idea is to have fun, check out the many different collections on offer.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Deb Canham announces her 9th Year Club Pieces.....

...and what an amazing selection.

Bailey - 9th Year Club Bear

When you join the club you will receive a free 4 inch bear called Bailey and then be able to order special club only pieces this year there will be six to choose from, order one or order them all the choice is yours.

Message about the Club from Deb Canham >>>>

" Join now and receive a 4 inch mohair bear called `Bailey` as a free gift.


For everyone that joins before the 31st July there will be an additional `surprise` free gift of a mohair animal.

This year we have decided to really concentrate on our Club. We want to make it the best year ever. We have more Club Exclusives and we hope that by adding a mouse, dragon and Deb`s Little Gem exclusive we will be catering for more of our collectors.

Since I design each piece you will notice that `baby` is a strong influence in the pieces for this club year due to the arrival of my grandson `Clayton`. We have `C.J` the baby dragon sucking his thumb and `Little Blessings` a stork carrying a baby bear. I thought I did quite well to limit it to just two pieces!!!

One other new service this year is that `Precious` the little flump dumpy style bear can carry a string of alphabet beads spelling out your name, or anybody else`s name that you wish to have put on there. We thought it would be fun to `personalize` a piece this year.

If you have never been a club member then please think about joining us. Each member receives a free 4 inch mohair bear, this year it is `Bailey`. You will then receive at least 4 `Doodles`, the club newsletter during the year. The `Doodle` keeps you informed as to what is new, special editions and special events. There are competitions in each newsletter giving you the chance to win bears and other pieces. "

Club only Pieces are >>>>

`C.J` a baby dragon sucking his thumb.

Deb`s Little Gem set ` Top and Bottom!`

`Little Blessings` a mohair stork carrying a very small 2.5 inch blue mohair baby bear.

`Rosie Posie` a little mohair mouse riding on her own calico chicken

`Sir Thomas Tom` a 3.5 inch mohair bear riding on a `ralio trulio little pet dragon`

`Precious` a 3.75 inch flump dumpy style bear BUT please note that she can carry little beads spelling your name or any name you choose.

To join the Deb Canham Club, please click on the header above or call 01531 635 290 and order through the store.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Any one for pudding...Apple Pie and Custard is served and...

is cooked to perfection.

Just arrived is the wonderful Apple Pie and Custard by Deb Canham a Store Exclusive for our 10th Anniversary.

This little guy measures 3.25 inches and wears a pair dungarees, made from apple printed material, he carries with him his friend Custard a delightful mouse.

Do not delay order today, as there are only a handful left. To order please click on the header above.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Maggie Iacono's Ruthie breezes in for.....

.... the summer.

Ruthie by Maggie Iacono Ltd Ed 100

Maggie has created Ruthie an 11 inch doll with all that makes up the classic little girl. Her long blonde human hair is held back with a handmade hair band covered in silk and trimmed with tinted pink flowers.
Her multi-layered jacket begins with delicate pink felt that frames a translucent silk organza and topped with embroidery and felt flowers.
A pastel pink bodice and pale cream wool-skirted bottom make up Ruthie's dress. The only way Maggie could complete the dress was with the addition of a pastel colored pleated skirt sash.
Woven tights and black suede Mary Janes makes us step back and see Maggie's impression of the classic little girl.

To view and order this beautiful little girl, please click on the header above, to know more about this amazing artist, please check back on the past blog - "Artist Background".

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Steiff Paddington has popped in so he can hang out with.....

......his friends.

Now in stock is the Steiff Classic Paddington Ornament.

Paddington is 12cm tall, made from mohair and wears a red duffel coat and blue hat. He can be used as a christmas decoration or can be placed on a bears paw.

To order this fine looking fellow, please click on the header above.

For those who like there bears to be a little larger, please check out the Classic Alpaca Padington 25cm.

To view and order this piece, please click on the header above, this will show the Paddington Ornament page, then type Paddington into the search bar, this will display this larger piece and other Paddington items.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Discover Dolls Magazine host their very first show.......

....and it was to be a fun and successful day

The Apple Pie House entourage were to be found at this new and exciting event to the Doll fair calendar.

We were so happy to see so many of our Collector Freinds and to meet lots of new people.

Below you can see our display of wonderful characters.

Click on the picture above to view a larger version. Call for availability of products shown ( 01531 635 290 )

If you couldn't make it to this particular show, may be we will see you at another, if not in the shop.

To see future shows we will be attending, please click on the header above.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Deb Canham - Life's lil' monsters, inspired by........'s little foibles and weaknesses and bad habits.

the first in the series is

" I wasn't... I was thinking! "

Called " Snot " for short. Have you ever noticed that when you tell someone not to pick their nose,
they nearly always reply " I wasn't... I was thinking! ".

the second will be

"Party Boy"

He is old enough and wise enough supposedly to know that you can not party all night and not pay the price in the morning, but as he does not seem to have remembered this fact he is showing the strain, with blood shot eyes a headache and a tummy ache to boot. serves him right, but we still love him.

last but not least

"Chocolate Monster"

This is for all those chocohoics out there. With this little monster the best thing to do is share your chocolate with her. we have heard that the best way to do the sharing thing is to buy twice as much chocolate as you would normally. This defeats the object of dieting, but who I am to tell you to cut down on something as delicious as chocolate.

These wont be for everyone, but I must admit I love them, this will be a series that I will be adding to my personal collection.

Limited to an edition of only 300.

To order these wonderful chracters, please click on the header above.
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