Saturday, May 28, 2005

Bears go out for a day trip...

.... and will be stoping on Sunday 29th May at the N.E.C Toy Fair.

This fair is a mixture and old and new toys from Dinky's to Teddy bears.

Something for everyone.

Then on the Bank Holiday Monday 30th May we will be at the Crawley Teddy Bear Fair.

So why not come and see us at either venues.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Changing Colours of Steiff...............

.........well more to the point the Steiff Chameleon Mungo.

Mungo has been caught in his natural colour,
but when you get him home,
remember where you put him,
just In case he goes into camouflage mode.

To order this little character, click on the heading above.

Two 4 One offer......

......This offer is for the Cherished Messages.

Hug Time

When you order one of these little cute guys
you can then order a lesser priced one for free.

To order these little guys,
please click on the heading above.
This will take you to their page.
Order in the same way as you would normally,
either by calling the shop 01531 635 290
or through the web site.

If buying through the web site,
your order will show a total for both pieces,


this order comes through to us and the deduction
will be made before yourr card is charged.

Postage is £3.00 for orders under £50.00
(Offer amount, not oredered amount)

Ships Ahoy ! ! Look who is sailing into see us....

....... It is Lord Nelson, straight from the Ranks of

The Cherished Teddies Collection.

2005 is the Anniversary of The Battle of Trafalgar 1805 - 2005

Height 11cm

To order yours today, click on the heading above.

Steiff have four completed Editions...........

.........Not even mid year and four editions complete.

They are >>>

Teddy Bear 1906 Replica

Teddy Clown 1926

Camel on wheels 1908

Koala - Ted

We have limited stocks of all these bears and the camel.

So do not delay order today! ! ! !

To see these and other Steiff Limited Editions, click on the heading above.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dean's Announce Further Retired Editions.....

.... This week sees another 6 Retired or Completed Editions.

Trevor the Puppy,
Flossie & Snuffles a pair of Bunnies,
Lettice & Dipsy a pair of Rabbits and

We do not have any of these in stock,

We do still have the bunnies Nibbles and Snowey

and the two dogs designed by Janet Clark

To View these and other bears from the Dean's collection, please click on the heading above.

Extra news regarding WDCC 50 Years of Disneyland...

..... Just In !!!!!

We have managed to get a picture of the Anniversary Backstamp.

and here it is in it's full glory >>>>

This will appear on both anniversary pieces.

To visit the WDCC Page on our website, please click on the heading above.

Walt Disney Classics News just in......

...... we are led to believe that the next Holiday card series is to be >>>>

"Donald decorating the tree with nephews"

Third and final release in the Holiday Day Card series
Limited edition: 1000
Size: To be announced
Release date: October 2005
Price: to be announced

More information as we receive it.

To see other great items in this collection, please click on the heading above.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Celebrate 50 years of the Disneyland Park with this......

......great sculpture from Walt Disney Classic Collection.

Walt and Mickey : Sharing the Vision
Sculpted by Kent Melton
Numbered Limited Edition : 1,955
Release date: Summer 2005

The Map of Disneyland on the table is the rendering of the park painted by Peter Ellenshaw.
Along with this great piece full of History and joy comes another superb piece.

Donald, Daisy and Nephews: Family Vacation
Sculpted by Bruce Lau
Release date : Summer 2005

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Do you want to see somthing funny and slightly strange.....

..... well click on the heading above to see the wonderful collection of

The Comic & Curious Cats.
With such great pieces like this years Limited Edition piece.

Outside Privy L/E 23cm

It's raining cats and dogs..........

.........or should I be more sensible and say,

Minka and Bernie have arrived from the kennels and cattery of Steiff.

These guys have such great prices you could quite easily adopt both.

Minka Red striped Kitten 20 cm

Bernie the Grey Huskey 60cm

To order these and other great Steiff animals click on the heading above.

Dean's Easter pair have hatched............

.....grown up and now retired.

Tubby Bear and Chubby Rabbit have both completed their editions.

We still have a Chubby Rabbit in stock but alas we are sold out of Tubby Bear.

To order Chubby Rabbit click on the heading above.

we only have one left so order today.

Behind every great man is an even greater woman......

........and in this case she is called >


Appletina is 10" / 28cms tall and is our second Shop Exclusive bear from Dean's for 2005 and comes to us in Limited Edition of only 75 pieces.

She will be making her debut at the Dean's Jamboree on the 19th June.

This wonderful bear is selling very quickly,
with over half of the edition sold out already.

To order this bear, please click on the heading above.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blessed with a new bundle of joy.........

......then why not check out the Steiff baby section.

Gifts safe for your new baby to play with.
These items have stitched features, rather than the usual boot button eyes.

All textiles in the baby range are certified by Oeko-Tex.

Elf bear

So click on the heading above to view the collection
and bring joy to your new babies life.

A new chapter has begun......

....... for us here at Apple Pie House.

As from the middle of June we will be offering a new collection for Sale,
this comes to us in the form of NAO.

Nao is a hand made porcelain from Spain.

The collection starts from as little as £18.00

Girl Yawning 11 1/2 inches £47.00

To view this great new collection, click on the heading above.

How much is that doggie in the window ?........

....... is the question you will be asking, when you see the great new litter of puppies that have arrived in from The Isabelle Collection.

They are almost too cute to describe.

Sha Sha - Tan and white cocker spaniel

These cute little guys, have brought with them some of their bear friends.

We have the charming little guy called Noah, who has offering you a heart of love and Joy.
Noah 10"

To view this collection, please click on the heading above.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Lottery Win Comes to mind.......

......... with the last entry.

Lets all come back down to earth and
please Do Not try and sell your Grandma for this one.

Just to let our R.J.W Club members know.
Cole has just arrived and I will be calling you soon.
we do have a spare one if any one is interested.
Please click on the heading above to order.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Ultimate teddy Bear....... this amazing creation from Steiff.

125 Karat Teddy and Elephantle

This stunning set has been produced in a very limited number of 125 pieces.

The fine mohair that is typical for Steiff has been combined with the finest raw silk for our 125 Karat Teddy bear, giving him a unique sheen. In addition to this, glittering threads of gold have been hand-knotted into his soft fur coat. If you look into Teddy bear's eyes, you may get the impression that you are falling into a sky full of stars. Set in 750/000 (18 karat) yellow gold, the pupils of his eyes are made of two sapphire cabochons, each approximately 11 mm in diameter and around 6 karat, surrounded by twenty 0.025 karat diamonds.
The Teddy bear's nose and mouth have been worked in pure 24 karat gold - like his anniversary medallion and the genuine Steiff "Button in Ear".

Made of pure wool felt, the little elephant is wearing an intricately decorated saddlecloth with a total of 47 (1.00 karat) diamonds making up the border and the "A.S." monogram. The precious stones are set in 750/000 (18 karat) white gold. Furthermore, the edge of the saddlecloth is adorned with real onyx beads, each measuring 3 mm in diameter. The little elephant's eyes are also made of genuine onyx. Hand-crafted tusks made of mammoth ivory and a 24 karat gold "Button in Ear" complete this little masterpiece.Tiny tusks with a great history: mammoth ivory comes from the tusks of the prehistoric woolly mammoth.
Its unique patterning is the result of being enclosed in ice for thousands of years and exposed to the arctic sun.

The initials "A.S." stand for Anna Steiff,
who was given the "Elefäntle"
pin cushion as a present from Margarete.

This set will be resented in a purpose build glass display case with is own built-in lighting. It will also come with a special Monte Blanc pen and a pot of gold ink made from real gold.


We have put together a luxurious programme, exclusively for you, our Steiff collectors and enthusiasts, to give you a unique look behind the scenes of all things Steiff.

Your three-day first class break will not only be marked by delicacies of a culinary nature. As our guest of honour, you will be given a guided tour of Margarete Steiff's historical birthplace. You will see where Richard Steiff invented the Teddy bear and look round the company's production facilities including the spectacular steel and glass construction that dates back to 1903.

And, as the unforgettable highlight of your visit, you will be granted access to the closely guarded archive and production facilities of Margarete Steiff GmbH.


Thursday, May 05, 2005

A letter arrived from R.John.Wright......

.......stating that as of December 31st 2005, the following editions if not already compleated, will retire.

Tom Kitten
Moppet & Mittens
Squirrel Nutkin
8" Peter
Mrs Rabbit
Flopsy, Mopsy & Cotton-tail
Halloween Kewpies
The Nursery Alice
The White Rabbit
The White Rabbit - Queen's Court
Marcella and Raggedy Ann
The Bears at Sea

So do not delay order yours today,
Call us on 01531 635 290 or
click on the heading above and check out what we have in stock.
Don't forget we do have a lay a way service.

Clowning around again with Steiff....

...... Now back in stock the 1926 replica of steiff's Clown Bear.

A magnificent bear.
EAN 404214
Mohair Teddy Clown 1926
limited edition of 3,000 pieces worldwide
stuffed with wood shavings, with glass eyes
with gold-plated "Button in Ear"
mohair from the fur of the angora goat
surface washable
32 cm
To order this bear, click on the heading above.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A rocking time can be had by all.......

....... Big kids, little kids or your favourite bear,
with this stunning Riding Bear by Steiff.

EAN 480430 Riding bear

70 cm

to order this Rocking Bear, click on the heading above.
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