Thursday, April 24, 2008

R John Wright Reveals his Epcot 2008 creation the beautiful.....


an exclusive edition for the 2008 Disney Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend! Based on the immortal Disney feature length animated film Cinderella, this piece will join previous R. John Wright Disney classics such as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Geppetto & Pinocchio, and Mickey Mouse.

Cinderella is constructed entirely of the finest all-wool felt. Cinderella's incredibly tiny turned fingers and slender female torso mark a unique challenge in the art of felt dollmaking.
Fully jointed with delicately hand painted features, Cinderella measures approximately 16" tall.

Her hand-knotted mohair wig is carefully styled in the elegant upswept design and anchored by an organza headband.

Cinderella is costumed in the most beautiful rendition of her ball gown ever created. Tailored of layers of silk organza, fine wool felt and Italian organdy, her dress has been decorated with genuine Swarovski® crystals individually sewn on by hand to create a magical and enchanting effect!
Beneath her gown Cinderella wears dainty period undergarments of fine organdy and tulle.

A special detailed accessory, Cinderella's lovely slippers are designed exactly like the ones in the film and custom-made for a perfect fit!

No detail has been overlooked in bringing Cinderella to life as never before. Like previous award-winning RJW dolls of classic Disney characters, the R. John Wright rendition of Cinderella is destined to become the Definitive Version.

Do not miss out on acquiring this important and exquisite piece for your collection.

Cinderella will be produced in an very limited edition of only 250 pieces worldwide.

She will make her debut at the 2008 Doll and Teddy Bear Weekend event at Walt Disney World on May 16th where registered guests will have the opportunity to acquire her for their collection.

Cinderella will come enclosed in her own deluxe RJW presentation box and will include a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just arrived Katharina from the Steiff Kinder Collection by....

.... R John Wright for Steiff.

From her head to her feet, she is made with such amazing detail.

She wears delicate felt flowers in her hair and even her shoes are made with heals and a working buckle.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Update :- Delightful Appley Dapply by R John Wright, Final Allocation....... available.

John and Susan have just sent us some wonderful pictures of Appley Dapply being made.

Lets see who's next ?????

Has the timer gone ping yet, are the pies ready????

Apron, Pies, Check, we are ready. Where are our boxes???

Action stations, here are the boxes, Hooray !!! we are ready to be shipped.

So do not miss out on getting your Appley Dapply as they are nearly all gone!!!!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

R John Wright Reveals the Three Bears for Goldilocks.....

..... and what a stunning set they make.

( click on this picture for a closer look. )

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Matched number sets of all four / Goldilocks Doll / Set of Three Bears, you choose how you would like to buy them. Bears can only be bought in sets.

Goldilock's doll is constructed of the finest all wool felt. She measures 12 1/4" tall and is fully jointed for playful posing.
Goldilocks premieres a completely new face sculpt with delicately hand painted features. Her golden curls are made of fine imported mohair and her sculptural, childlike hands are sewn with individual fingers. Goldilocks is dressed in a cotton summer dress with a hand smocked bodice and dainty Swiss embroidered trim.
She wears custom made stockings, fine cotton undergarments, and hand cobbled red leather shoes. On one arm is a custom woven basket filled with handmade felt daisies.

Goldilocks will be produced in an edition limited to 350 pieces.

( click on this picture for a closer look. )

The Three Bears will be made of the finest custom-made mohair plush with sculpted felt paw pads with resin claws, and internal growlers.

Each bear will feature German glass pupil eyes and a molded leather nose.

Baby Bear will measure 8" tall and will come wearing a short felt jacket for his walk in the woods.

Mama Bear will measure 14" and will feature interior jointing in her wrists. She will wear a beautiful embroidered felt capelet for outdoors.

Papa Bear will measure 15" and will also feature the interior wrist movement. He will have an open mouth with felt tongue and inserted resin teeth. Papa Bear will be outfitted in a detailed corduroy vest with leather buttons and a felt Tyrolean-style hat. In one pocket of his vest will be a custom-made carved wooden pipe!

The Three Bears will be produced in a limited edition of 350 sets.

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

All New Charlie Bears arrive, second release now available.....

... as usual Charlie and William, bring us a marvelous collection of bears and animals.

Within this new selection, you will find such delights as >>

Angus who has been designed by teddy bear artist Maria Collins.

and a new panda called Gemma.

As a part of the new animal collection you will find Ronnie the Red Panda.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Lynne of Maggie Made Dolls arrives with great advice for the ......

.......... very cold spell we are about to see over the weekend.

Her advice is to do as she has done, and that is wrap up warm in your winter coats and cuddle your favorite soft toy.

Lynne Ltd Ed. 80 pieces worldwide.

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

More Steiff 2008 Limited Editions start to arrive and they are .....

..... fantastic.

and we should say,

Now in stock and selling fast !!!


Leopald Ted

Alpaca EAN 420696 is a Worldwide Limited Edition of 2,008 pieces. Size: 16 inches

Polar Ted

Alpaca EAN 036514 is a Worldwide Limited Edition of 1,500 pieces. Size: 26 inches

Lumpi the Retriever

Alpaca Masterpiece Golden Retriever Puppy EAN 038594 is a Worldwide Limited Edition of 3,000 pieces. Size: 14 inches

and finally the superb replica from 1938

Panda on Wheels

Mohair Panda on Wheels 1938 EAN 400452 is a Worldwide Limited Edition of 1,000 pieces. Size: 20 inches

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