Wednesday, February 28, 2007

R John Wright's Mad Hatter can now be seen....

in full glory.

The Mad Hatter is one of the most eagerly awaited characters in the R. John Wright ALICE IN WONDERLAND COLLECTION.

Based on the immortal books written by Lewis Carroll and illustrated by Sir John Tenniel, The Mad Hatter will stand approximately 16" tall.
He will be fully jointed and constructed of the finest all wool felt with a molded character head with hand painted features, a mohair wig, and felt hands with individual fingers.

Authentically based on Tenniel's classic illustrations,The Mad Hatter's detailed costume will consist of: linen cuffs and collar with polka dot silk tie; pieced checkered felt vest and trousers; tailored, fully-lined felt jacket; striped cotton sox; hand cobbled leather tie shoes; and a fabulous top hat.
In one hand he will hold a custom-made teacup and in the other, a slice of toast made of felt!

The Mad Hatter will be produced in a limited edition of just 500 pieces worldwide and will come enclosed in a deluxe RJW presentation box along with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration.

Don't miss out on this very desirable item. Please click on the heading above, to go straight to the Mad Hatters web page.

As part of the ALICE IN WONDERLAND COLLECTION, matching numbers will be guaranteed to the first 250 pieces in the edition.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A change of plan for R John Wright and his.......

.......... Disney Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend Exclusive.

For reasons unknown to us the Cinderella piece has been withdrawn and replaced with another leading lady.

R John Wright and Susan Wright are happy to announce that "Tinker Bell" will be the exclusive edition for this year's Disney Doll & Teddy Bear Weekend!

Based on the immortal Disney mascot who made her debut in the classic animated feature film Peter Pan, this delicate piece will be constructed of the finest all-wool felt with molded and hand painted features, a hand-knotted mohair wig and gossamer wings.

Closely based on the original Disney images, Tinker Bell will measures approximately 12" tall and will be jointed at the neck and shoulders for playful posing.

She is dressed in the trademark green dress with matching slippers.

In one hand she will hold her magic wand which she uses to spread pixie dust.

Like previous R. John Wright editions from classic Disney films Snow White and Pinocchio, the R. John Wright rendition of Tinker Bell is destined to become the definitive version of this beloved character.

Tinker Bell will be produced in an very limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide.

She will make her US debut at the 2007 Doll and Teddy Bear Weekend event at Walt Disney World on May 18th.

Tinker Bell will come enclosed in her own deluxe RJW presentation box and will include a display dome and a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Don't miss out on this very special edition!

Email your interest in this piece:-

Price to be announced.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

SELL OUTS announced already by Steiff......

.....the Spring / Summer collection is going very well indeed.

These pieces are Sold Out at Steiff but we still have allocation available on these but not for long.

Phantom of the Opera Musical Bear EAN: 037184

Alpaca Dark Blue bear with Collar. EAN: 038280

A Million hugs bears >>> Brass Ean 038778

The final piece so far sold out and we do not have any allocation left at this time is

Steiff Teddy 1907 Replica Ean 400506

Please click on the header above to see these and other great pieces from the Spring / Summer collection

Friday, February 09, 2007

Steiff Rupert the Bear is almost on his way.....

......After many years of trying, it has finally happend Ian Munro has managed to get the liecense for This wonderful bear.

Rupert the Bear Ean 653568

Height :- 30cm

He will be limited to only 3000 pieces and will be a UK Exclusive.

Ian Munro and Steiff Know how desperate you collectors are to get your hands on Rupert.
So even though the bear is in the prototype stages they have allowed us to place our order and start to sell him.

This bear will not be around for long. So reserve yours today, order now via the internet or give us a call on 01531 635 290.

As soon as we have live pictures we will let you know and put them up on the web site.

To order please go through to the Steiff Spring / Summer 2007 web page and you find him there amongst the other great pieces on offer.

Find out More about Rupert the Bear by clicking on the header above to visit > The Followers of Rupert Bear : Official "Rupert the Bear" Website

Friday, February 02, 2007

Steiff and R John Wright come together in an..

....amazing creative project.

Collectors of STEIFF and R. JOHN WRIGHT will have a special treat in store this year with the production of an important series designed in conjunction with both companies:


As many collectors know, the products of the legendary Steiff company provided the earliest inspiration for R. John Wright creations. Now, 25 years after the first R. John Wright children dolls appeared, the story has come full circle with an exciting new collection of Steiff children dolls combining the best of the old and the new!

The Premiere Series will consist of the four children dolls shown above.
Measuring approximately 17" tall, fully jointed and made entirely of felt, the dolls feature molded faces sculpted by R. John Wright to evoke the early child dolls produced by the Margarete Steiff Toy Factory in the early 1900's. With hand painted features, inset glass eyes, and mohair wigs, the dolls are dressed in detailed clothing and accessories made of the finest materials in designs reflective of their German heritage .

The Steiff Kinder will be produced by R. John Wright Dolls in a numbered limited edition of 500 pieces each.
The first two dolls in the series, "Lukas" and "Sophie", will be released this summer.
The second two dolls, "Mathias" and "Katharina", are scheduled for release later in the year.

As a guarantee of authenticity, each will feature the trademark Steiff button in ear as well as the customary brass 'RJW' button.

The Steiff Kinder will come beautifully boxed with accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Matched number sets will be offered subject to availability.

Please click on the header above, this will take you to their very own web page so you can place your order.

Please, Please do not delay this wonderful oppertunity will not be available for long.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Deb Canham puts on a tea time treat....

.... for her collectors over in the U.S.

The San Diego Tea Party was open to all.

Steff and I were unable to attend this particlar event but we have managed to arrange for the show special to be available through Apple pie House.

Her name is Polly Put The Kettle On and she is part of the Little Gems range.

Polly Put The Kettle On
Ltd.Ed.75 pieces only

Please click on the header above to go straight to her web page, do not delay, limited stocks available.
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