Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Deb Canham announces her 9th Year Club Pieces.....

...and what an amazing selection.

Bailey - 9th Year Club Bear

When you join the club you will receive a free 4 inch bear called Bailey and then be able to order special club only pieces this year there will be six to choose from, order one or order them all the choice is yours.

Message about the Club from Deb Canham >>>>

" Join now and receive a 4 inch mohair bear called `Bailey` as a free gift.


For everyone that joins before the 31st July there will be an additional `surprise` free gift of a mohair animal.

This year we have decided to really concentrate on our Club. We want to make it the best year ever. We have more Club Exclusives and we hope that by adding a mouse, dragon and Deb`s Little Gem exclusive we will be catering for more of our collectors.

Since I design each piece you will notice that `baby` is a strong influence in the pieces for this club year due to the arrival of my grandson `Clayton`. We have `C.J` the baby dragon sucking his thumb and `Little Blessings` a stork carrying a baby bear. I thought I did quite well to limit it to just two pieces!!!

One other new service this year is that `Precious` the little flump dumpy style bear can carry a string of alphabet beads spelling out your name, or anybody else`s name that you wish to have put on there. We thought it would be fun to `personalize` a piece this year.

If you have never been a club member then please think about joining us. Each member receives a free 4 inch mohair bear, this year it is `Bailey`. You will then receive at least 4 `Doodles`, the club newsletter during the year. The `Doodle` keeps you informed as to what is new, special editions and special events. There are competitions in each newsletter giving you the chance to win bears and other pieces. "

Club only Pieces are >>>>

`C.J` a baby dragon sucking his thumb.

Deb`s Little Gem set ` Top and Bottom!`

`Little Blessings` a mohair stork carrying a very small 2.5 inch blue mohair baby bear.

`Rosie Posie` a little mohair mouse riding on her own calico chicken

`Sir Thomas Tom` a 3.5 inch mohair bear riding on a `ralio trulio little pet dragon`

`Precious` a 3.75 inch flump dumpy style bear BUT please note that she can carry little beads spelling your name or any name you choose.

To join the Deb Canham Club, please click on the header above or call 01531 635 290 and order through the store.
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