Saturday, June 02, 2007

Deb Canham - Life's lil' monsters, inspired by........'s little foibles and weaknesses and bad habits.

the first in the series is

" I wasn't... I was thinking! "

Called " Snot " for short. Have you ever noticed that when you tell someone not to pick their nose,
they nearly always reply " I wasn't... I was thinking! ".

the second will be

"Party Boy"

He is old enough and wise enough supposedly to know that you can not party all night and not pay the price in the morning, but as he does not seem to have remembered this fact he is showing the strain, with blood shot eyes a headache and a tummy ache to boot. serves him right, but we still love him.

last but not least

"Chocolate Monster"

This is for all those chocohoics out there. With this little monster the best thing to do is share your chocolate with her. we have heard that the best way to do the sharing thing is to buy twice as much chocolate as you would normally. This defeats the object of dieting, but who I am to tell you to cut down on something as delicious as chocolate.

These wont be for everyone, but I must admit I love them, this will be a series that I will be adding to my personal collection.

Limited to an edition of only 300.

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