Saturday, July 16, 2005

Came in and went straight out !!!......

.....The way these guys are selling, I am surprised I can even type this to let you know.

The guys in question are the fabulous

Fiona and Duncan
by R.John.Wright.

Limited to only 300 pieces each and as the heading says selling fast, the first batch, has come in and gone straight out and the second batch, arrive Tuesday, 80% of this batch is pre sold, so a further delivery will arrive in a week or so.

So order your set as soon as possible, Steff and I have. ( well, we do collect as well .)

You can purchase the bears seperatley or as a matched number pair.

To order please call 01531 635 290 or click on the heading above to go straight to Fiona, and then use the search bar to find Duncan.
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