Saturday, July 16, 2005

Squirrel Nutkin™ invites you............ a game of pine cone skittles, but he does ask if you could bring your own Crab Apple, as he is thinking about eating his.

Squirrel Nutkin, says he is sorry about the delay in his arrival, this was due to him trying to perfect his game and the fact that the apples he uses, are so very tasty.

Squirrel Nutkin is in a limited edition of only 1500, and stands a pine cone skittle champion height of 12 inches.

Due to people waiting a long time for this little guy, and anxious to play a game of the pine cone skittles, matches are being booked up very quickly.

So to order your Squirrel Nutkin, for a lifetime of games, please click on the heading above or call 01531 635 290.

Warning : Game playing is not necessary with the purchase of this Squirrel.
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