Thursday, November 08, 2007

R John Wright - Shop Exclusive - Appley Dapply Arrives.....

....and she is a most beautiful mouse you may have ever seen.

Measuring a diminutive 3" tall, Appley Dapply™ from R. John Wright is made of the finest mohair plush and is jointed at the neck and shoulders. She features realistic coloring, hand embroidered features, black glass eyes, inset whiskers, resin hands and feet, and a leather tail.

Based exactly on the Beatrix Potter illustrations, Appley Dapply™ comes wearing a dainty cotton apron with a pocket and hand embroidered border design. She wears incredibly tiny blue leather slippers on her feet and comes holding a custom-woven basket and hand painted plate with four pies!

Appley Dapply is selling very fast, so do not delay order today, by clicking on the header above.
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