Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steiif - Mr Googly arrives and he is a must see....

... Bear.

He is so Cute !!!

Steiff EAN 036620 MR. GOOGLY

One of the earliest known examples of a googly-eyed bear was produced in Britain in 1916. But it is believed that googly eyes first made their appearance in dolls much earlier.

Googly eyes were supposedly created to capture the wide-eyed innocence and wonder of childhood. Over the years, many Teddy bear manufacturers created designs that featured these whimsical eyes – including Steiff.

Two notable Steiff examples include a googly blue-eyed Petsy from the 1920’s and a fanciful rabbit from the 1950’s. But Steiff never made a bear quite like Mr. Googly – until now! Sewn from distressed mohair to give him an aged appearance, this new creation is all about laughter and fun.

He’s sure to make you smile. His slightly oversized head adds to his wonderfully quirky appeal. Mr. Googly is certain to add a bit of joy and originality to your Steiff collection.

Made of finest mohair, beige, jointed, surface washable, with glass eyes and growler, limited edition of 1,925 pieces worldwide, with gold-plated “Button in Ear”

Height 31 cm

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