Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dean's Autumn / Winter Collection have arrived.......

.... as these bears arrive Editions have started to Sell Out at source.

Sold out editions so far are......

Sweet Pea by Chloe Wilson Ltd.Ed. 40

Jamie by Chloe Wilson Ltd.Ed. 60

Other bears, include designs by Barbara Ann Cunningham and Jill Baxter

Den Demin designed by Barbara Ann Ltd.Ed. 50

Foxy designed by Jill Baxter Ltd.Ed. 50

A wonderful selection of tradional bears are available too ...

Melon Ltd.Ed. 25 being one of them.

To Order these and to view and order the other editions available, please click on the header above (Dean's Autumn / Winter Collection have arrived.... ) This will take to the Dean's Autumn / Winter 2010 Page.
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