Friday, September 17, 2010

New creations arrive from Loris Hancock........

..... here is another of the four pieces now available in store and online. Watch for updates, available here soon or call in to see more.

Giraffe with Rider....

This creation is a one of a kind edition from the Africa series.

The Zebra is made with ultrasuede, the eyes are glass beads and the body is wired to enable it to free stand. The little rider bear is made from mini bear fabric.

Don't turn your back on these wonderful creations, they be gone before you know it !!!

To Order Zebra with Rider and to view and order the other editions available, please click on the header above (New creations arrive from Loris Hancock.... ) This will take to the Loris Hancock Page. ( Keep checking back as the other pieces will be available soon. )

To see the bigger picture... just click on any of the pictures on the Blog and this will open a new page to show you a larger version.
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