Thursday, September 09, 2010

Disney Grand Jester Studios - Prince of Persia Dastan Bust announced....

.....Next in line for Enesco's Grand Jester Studios bust collection, Dastan from the Prince of Persia movie.

You'll see here the various concept drawings and pics of the sculpt.

Chosen by fate to wield the fabled Dagger of Time, the resourceful orphan-turned-prince Dastan wages a daring campaign to avenge the murder of his adopted father and save not one, but two imperiled kingdoms from the ruthless machinations of his evil step-uncle in the new film Prince of Persia, based on the best-selling video games.

The dashing young hero's steely-eyed resolve and flashing twin swords brand him a desert-born warrior and noble champion of justice in this character authentic polystone mini-bust designed and sculpted by Disney animator Rubén Procopio. Standing 9 1/2" tall and featuring the Dagger of Time (with translucent hilt) embedded in the dune-swept base, Dastan - the legendary Prince of Persia

To Pre-order Dastan and to view and order the other available pieces, please click on the header above ( Disney Grand Jester Studios - Prince of Persia.... ) This will take to the Grand Jester Studios Page.

To see the bigger picture... just click on any of the pictures on the Blog and this will open a new page to show you a larger version.
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