Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steiff Limited Edition Hasso German Shepherd arrives and what a stunning......

...... puppy he is, part of the Masterpiece series.

Ean 036606

The first German Shepherd made his debut in the Steiff catalog in 1923. Eighty-seven years later, Steiff proudly present a Masterpiece Edition of this ever-popular breed.

These special Masterpiece Editions were created by Steiff to showcase the company's exceptional craftsmanship through the creation of amazingly realistic interpretations of various species.

To Order Hasso and to view and order the other editions available, please click on the header above (Steiff Limited Edition Hasso German.... ) This will take to the Steiff Limited Editions Page.

To see the bigger picture... just click on any of the pictures on the Blog and this will open a new page to show you a larger version.
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