Monday, June 14, 2010

Dancing into the hearts of R John Wright Collectors are The Lullaby League......

We are pleased to present the first piece in an exciting series based on the characters from the classic MGM motion picture.....

In the film¹s first full-color scenes in the Land of Oz, the diminutive "Munchkin" residents were played by a group of 124 adult midget performers.

The Munchkins were dressed in fantastical outfits designed by renowned Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer costume designer, Adrian. Under his direction, MGM¹s wardrobe department created over one hundred costumes for the Munchkin sequence alone.

Among these were the unique Art Deco-inspired ballet outfits of three Munchkin ladies who represented the "Lullaby League."

This charming trio danced together en pointe while singing their song to welcome Dorothy to Munchkinland.

The Lullaby League dancers from R. John Wright Dolls are faithfully based on the original movie images. Standing three different heights, just as in the film, they measure: 11 1/2; 10; and 8 1/2 inches respectively.

They are fully jointed and made entirely of custom-made all-wool felt with delicate hand painted features. Each has a wig of the finest imported mohair.

The dolls are dressed in miniature duplicates of the trademark Lullaby League costumes made of silk and custom-dyed and pleated Italian cotton organdy and tulle. On their feet, they wear authentic satin ballet slippers with silk ribbons and suede soles and each holds a tiny replica of the wood and parchment scrolls featured in the film.

Meticulously researched for detail and accuracy, this is the most authentic representation of these beloved characters ever created.

Produced at the R. John Wright workshop in Bennington, Vermont, each of the three Lullaby League dolls will come enclosed in a deluxe "Wizard of Oz" presentation box. Included will be the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and informational product booklet, and the forms for owner registration.

Please check back to see more details on this wonderful collection, or be the first to reserve your set by calling Graeme on 07515 280 902.

You can pay using our Lay A Way system. Email or call 07515 280 902 for more information

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