Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter is coming, so why not treat yourself to....

........some Bears and Bunnies.

Charlie Bears brings us such wonders as Willow >>>

and Bramble.

These both have been made in a limited production of only 600 pieces, and are Sold Out from Charlie already, we have stocks available at this time.

Or you might like something from G-Rumpy bears a little darlin called Rosalie

There are many Bears, Bunnies and other animals to choose from so why not follow your heart by clicking on the header above and let your fingers do the walking, a click of your mouse, will bring your dream piece to your house.

Amy from Isabelle Collection

buttercup from Jare Hare and Bears

So why have an egg this year when you could have a friend forever, Appley Dapply said she will bake you some pies, if you are craving something sweet.

Appley Dapply Ltd.Ed. 250, over 3/4 sold already.
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