Friday, February 29, 2008

Steiff Spring / Summer Collection, starts to arrive...... Store.

First up is the >

Mohair Teddy Bear 1908, Black EAN 408564 is the last in the Fabulously Colored Four Series.

Following the green, yellow and rose-coloured Teddy bear, comes the fourth and final candidate in the legendary "Fabulously-Coloured Four".
This beautiful Teddy bear with black-tufted fur completes the quartet of the beloved replicas of the four coloured originals.
The original four were sent as samples to England 100 years ago.

He is stuffed with wood shavings and his black fur made of finest mohair allows the light-coloured cotton backing to show through slightly which gives this beautiful replica its
majestic yet nonetheless friendly appearance.
His little nose is horizontally embroidered and sealed with wax and he "bears" the gold-plated Steiff "Button in Ear" as well as the black and white tag.

This extraordinary Mohair Teddy Bear 1908 EAN 408564 that is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide looks friendly and curiously at the world with his warm boot-button eyes and knows how to use his strong growler to get attention when he meets a real Steiff friend. .

Size: 14 inches

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