Friday, March 14, 2008

Updated :- Delightful Annette Rauch Bears arrive and are proving.....

.......very popular.

Update :- So popular we have sold out of our first order. We are now awaiting our next deliveries, so do not delay order yours today, these pieces are limited to only 15.

Annette is very paticular about her work

So after a chain of design stages; ideas and sketches which go as far as the first-draft models, when the shape is revised several times and the materials and colours are matched with one another, the final pattern and shape emerge. the respective limited editions can then be finished according to these patterns. careful handwork and conscientious treatment of high-quality materials are always an important factor in the production of these creations. only the creations with a desired expression will get the unmistakable signature on the bottom ...

Signature on the bottom, I hear you say, yes you heard correctly.

On each of Annette's pieces you will find a small leather patch where she puts on the information of that character, Edition number and name etc.

To see these and other great bears and animals by Annette, please click on the header above.
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