Friday, September 29, 2006

Deans Autumn / Winter Catalogue is a great ......

...... Success, with the bears selling as soon as they arrive if not sooner in some cases.

Just arrived,

This amazing bruin from designer Chloe Wilson:-

Plato Ltd.Ed. 50

From Janet Clark comes a very smart looking bear, with his black mohair trousers and red bow.

Dougal Ltd.Ed. 140

If you have a sweet tooth, then you will love the new jill Baxter bear.

Candy Ltd.Ed. 50

There was one last bear snuggled into the delivery box, and what a fine little character he is, as he arrived Robin Miller said that his edition was almost sold out with only two bears left to sell, and we can see why!

White Sand Ltd.Ed. 40

These great bears join :-

Evening Shadow
Rag Book II
Robert and Kendall, who are already on the shelves here at Apple Pie House.

Waiting for a Big Hug from you!

So do not delay order today, by popping in to the store or clicking on the header above to order online.
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