Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Steiff celebrates A Million Hugs.....

......in 1907 the Steiff company made nearly 1,000,000 bears all by hand and all in their factory in Giengen.

This huge quantity has never been equalled and to commemorate this achievement, Steiff have launched three bears with celebratory bow.

Therefore It is 100 years since Steiff made a million bears that were of
course, all given hugs; - so it is a 100 years of a million hugs!

These bears will wear a unique Button in Ear.

Initially the first button in Ear was the Elephant logo in 1904
At the end of 1905 until early 06 the button became blank
In 1906 the button carried the word Steiff with the last "f" being
underscored, ie the tail of the last f underlined the word Steiff as far

back as the letter "e"
This remained the button until 1950

(Please see page 49/50 of 100 years of Steiff Teddy bears by Pfeiffer).

These bears are sold separately, or can be ordered as a set of three, so do not delay order today, to see these three bears and other great Limited Edition pieces, please click on the header above.
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