Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Surprise delivery from the Steiff Autumn / Winter collection, this time there ......

......Are 3 NEW ARRIVALS !!!!!!

First up is the amazing Pierrot Teddy Bear Ean 037511 Limited to only 2006 pieces worldwide, and made from the finest Alpaca.

The next wonderful piece to arrive is the dusky pink Dolly Teddy Bear Ean 037542, again limited to only 2006 pieces worldwide and made from mohair.

And third one to arrive today, Is a bear with a little friend and something we can not live without,


Romance Teddy Bear Ean 037535 is limited to only 2006 pieces and made from a sparse mohair and he carries a little robin with him.

These 3 new arrivals follow the first delivery, which was the musical Black Watch Bear.

To order these bears please click on the header above.
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