Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring into action while the R John Wright's Peter Cottontail is still available....

....this amazing creation has hopped in to Apple Pie House and is Hopping out to new homes very quickly.

Peter Cottontail is constructed of the finest mohair plush and wool felt. He is fully jointed and stands approximately 15" tall. His beautiful, sculptural face and ears have detailed coloration and he features felt-backed glass eyes, a molded felt nose, and inserted whiskers.

Peter Cottontail comes holding a springtime bouquet of detailed felt violets and pussywillows made entirely of felt and mohair plush. He also carries a papier mache Easter egg gaily wrapped in paper with silk ribbons. For effortless display, Peter Cottontail features a built-in removable metal stand.

To Order Peter Cottontail, please click on the header above ( Spring into action while the R John Wright's... ) and this will take you to his page, where you can place your order.

To see the bigger picture... just click on any of the pictures on the Blog and this will open a new page to show you a larger version.
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