Saturday, October 31, 2009

R John Wright makes two announcements one is the amazing Little Tommy Tittlemouse and the .......

..... second is that he is a SOLD OUT edition.

Measuring a diminutive 3" tall, Little Tommy Tittlemouse is made of the finest mohair plush and jointed at the neck and shoulders, Little Tommy features realistic coloring, hand embroidered features, glass pupil eyes, inset whiskers, resin hands and feet, and a leather tail.

Based on the original English nursery rhyme of the same name, Little Tommy Tittlemouse is outfitted in a period costume consisting of cotton trousers of custom-printed tattersall fabric, a cotton jacket with a silk tie, and a boater hat made of fine woven natural straw braid with tiny grosgrain hatband.

In one hand he proudly holds his reed fishing pole w/cork bobber and the catch of the day - a plump felt fish!

He proudly graces the current issue of Teddy Bear & Friends magazine. This is the first time a 'non-bear' has been on the cover!

To Pre-Order Little Tommy Tittlemouse and other great pieces from the R John Wright 2010 range, please click on the header above ( R John Wright makes two announcements...) and this will take you to the R John Wright 2010 page where you will be able to check out all the different pieces available.

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