Thursday, October 01, 2009

R John Wright releases a picture of the Christmas Fairy.......

.... and as always she is beautiful and very festive.


The little Christmas Tree was born
And dwelt in open air;
It did not guess how bright a dress
Some day its boughs would wear;
Brown cones were all, it thought, a tall
And grown-up Fir would bear.

O little Fir! Your forest home
Is far and far away;
And here indoors these boughs of yours
With colored balls are gay,
With candle-light, and tinsel bright,
For this is Christmas Day!

A dolly-fairy stands on top,
Till children sleep; then she
(A live one now!) from bough to bough
Goes gliding silently.
O magic sight, this joyous night!
O laden, sparkling tree!

FLOWER FAIRIES OF THE WINTER - The Christmas Tree Fairy™ is constructed of the finest all wool felt. She measures 11 1/2" tall and is fully jointed at shoulders, hips and neck with new ball & socket jointing system with internal wood mechanism.

The Christmas Tree Fairy™ has delicately hand painted features and a wig of the finest imported mohair. The Christmas Tree Fairy has a sculpural molded felt body and limbs and her graceful hands are sewn with individual fingers. Her magnificent wings are sewn, molded, and hand painted out of fine silk organza.

The Christmas Tree Fairy™ is dressed in a delicate dress of fine organdy and French lace embellished with silk ribbon. She comes wearing her star headband and holding her magic wand.

The Christmas Tree Fairy™ will be produced in an edition limited to only 250 pieces worldwide. Each will come enclosed in a deluxe RJW presentation box with the accompanying signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. As part of the Flower Fairies™ Collection

To order Christmas Fairy and other great pieces from the The Flower Fairy Collection, please click on the header above ( R John Wright releases...) and this will take you to the Flower Fairy page where you will be able to check out all the different pieces available.

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