Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Steiff Autumn / Winter 2006 collection, can now be.......

....Viewed on-line.

The entire collection can be seen on their own web page.

So speed on over to see all the new wonderful creations, by clicking on the header above.

Teddy Bear Set with Motor Boat Ean 037405 > Ltd.Ed. 2,006

I can see you somersaulting with excitement and joy.....

Somersault Bear Ean 037436 > Ltd. Ed. 2,006

So brush your cares away...

1909 Brush-Dax replica Steiff Ean 400360 > Ltd.Ed. 1,500

And fly on over...

Pegasus Steiff Ean 037481 > Ltd.Ed. 1,500

As you will see the editions are much lower this year, so to save disappointment, please reserve your favorite pieces as soon as possible.
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