Thursday, October 06, 2005

Statement from Dean's........

.................."A number of collectors have contacted us regarding rumours that Dean's are no longer in business. Dean's are still very much in business, having exhibited at the NEC Autumn Fair trade show recently, as well as a programme of teddy bear shows throughout the autumn.
We are currently developing a range of bears for our 2006 collection. Earlier this year, Dean's restructured and relocated to smaller premises near Hereford. We regret the rumours which have been circulating in the trade - they are neither accurate or helpful, and would like to assure our many collectors that we are still very much committed to running the best teddy bear collectors club in the U.K., and manufacturing collectable teddy bears of the highest quality.

We would like to thank all our collectors for their continued support and hope to see you all at one or more of the events which we will be attending in the future."

We here at Apple Pie House offer the Dean's Company our support and Best wishes for the future.
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