Saturday, June 18, 2005

Has it really been two years...........

........since we were all at Cardiff with the Dean's Jamboree,
and so much has happened since then.

Well it is here again the brilliant, fantastic
and most exciting Dean's event.

The Jamboree

We will be there on Sunday with a grand selection of
bears and friends to delight you.

we will bring a selection of steiff, R.John.Wright, Isabelle Colection and many other wonderfull pieces.

And not to forget the main reason for coming to the show
and that is to show you a selection of Dean's bears, which will include such delights as Frosty by Janet clark and many other characters from their 2005 catalogue.

You will also be given the chance to buy some special bears which have been made for the day.

First of all there is the Jamboree Bear, made for the day with the date embroidered onto the foot pad and he wears a Swarovski crystal pendant.

Then you can see two wonderful creations made exclusive to Apple Pie House.

Appletina Ltd Ed. 75 pieces.

Pippin Ltd Ed. 25
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