Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two wonderful new bears arrive from Isle Be Bears....

Romeo and Juliete
As his name suggest this little boy is a right charmer. Standing at 16 inches tall, he is made from a scrumptious gold coloured faux fur. I have teamed this with a gorgeous purple bow to match his unique nose, in dark brown with purple abstract design. He sports dark brown ultra suede paw pads with purple cotton to create some tootsies. A lovely purple wired bow finished his look.

What would Romeo be without his Juliete. Standing at 14.5 inches, she is created in a gorgeous dark purple tipped with gold faux fur. Her sweet face has been made from the same gold as used for the love of her life. I have teamed this with a lovely gold coloured ultra suded for her paw pads again stitched in purple cotton to create those wonderfuly paws. She has a matching purple nose which has been dusted in gold glitter to match the gold on her fur. She also has hand painted glass eyes to match her look. Finally finished off with that adorable purple polka dot ribbon and wooden button detailing.

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