Thursday, May 22, 2008

Going, Going, Gone...Congratulations to R John Wright for...

... the highest price achieved on the night at the Epcot® Teddy Bear And Doll Weekend 2008 Auction.


We are pleased to bring to the blog an exciting new One-of-a-Kind piece created by R John Wright exclusively for this year's Doll and Teddy Bear event at Walt Disney World.

"SING SWEET NIGHTINGALE" joins the list of elaborate and rare One-of-a-Kind pieces created by R. John Wright Dolls for the annual Disney event.

Cinderella is one of the most well-known and beloved of the classic animated feature films. Released in 1950, this was the first full-feature production by the Disney Studio since Bambi in 1942. Cinderella marked a welcome return to the classic fairy tale form, but at a cost of nearly 3 million dollars, the film was regarded as a major gamble. Insiders claimed that if the movie failed at the box office, Disney would be forced to close its doors as the studio was heavily in debt at the time. Fortunately, the film was a resounding success both critically and financially which allowed Disney to open Disneyland and carry on producing films throughout the 1950s. Cinderella remains among the crown jewels of classic Disney animation.

The Sing Sweet Nightingale One-of-a-Kind from R. John Wright is a completely authentic reproduction of Cinderella as she appeared dressed in her scullery rags scrubbing the floor. Measuring approximately 9" seated, Cinderella is constructed of the finest all-wool felt with molded and hand painted features and a hand-knotted mohair wig. Cinderella's wears a cotton and felt costume with hand cobbled leather slippers. A delicate custom handblown glass bubble balances on her fingertips. The figure is posed with a hand carved wooden bucket filled with glass bubbles, miniature bristle scrub brush, and bar of soap on a specially created hand painted background display. Every detail has been meticulously researched for the utmost in authenticity. Overall height including background: 20". Included is a deluxe bound certificate of authenticity hand signed by R. John Wright and Susan Wright.

Sing Sweet Nightingale was on display for the first and only time at the Doll and Teddy Bear Weekend at Walt Disney World and was offered for sale during a special auction held on May 18th at 7:30 PM EST. Sing Sweet Nightingale realized $10,000 - the highest price of the auction event.

Also available at the event was...

Cinderella - Epcot® Teddy Bear And Doll Weekend 2008

We have very limited stocks available, if you wish to see more information on this wonderful doll, please click on the header above.

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