Friday, May 12, 2006

A fabulous Steiff duo arrives in store.....

...and the purrfect duo is...

Puss in Boots and his companion bear.

The Teddy bear is fully jointed, made of blond mohair, wears a velvet cap and a gold-embroidered velvet jacket. The Cat is 20 cm in size, black/white coloured, wears burgundy velvet boots lined in red and a red sash. For his friend, the miller’s son, the Puss in thigh-high boots slips into a brilliantly thought-out role. He convinces the king of the high social standing of his companion, outwitting a magician in the process and, as a reward, enjoys the life of a particularly well situated court cat. So the moral of the story? You don’t always need lots of money to get to the top. Sometimes all you need is a really good idea.
This set comes in a bag with certificate of authenticity.
10.5 Inch (27cm)
Limited Edition 1500.

To order this bear please call Graeme on 01531 635 290.

The duo will appear on the web site soon.
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