Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dean's spring catalogue starts to arrive........

......with such delights as the sold out edition of the Blue Bear.

This bear, it has to be said, has to be seen, to be believed. The Mohair streaked with blue is very different and works so well.

Now who loves to stare up at the clouds all day, well tilt your head down from the clouds and look at this wonderful little guy called Nimbus. He is shore to whisk you off in to a wonderful teddy bears picnic daydream.

Our Queen celebrates her 80th Birthday and Dean's has produced two bears in celebration. A white bear made from alpaca and a blue mohair bear. This white alpaca bear named Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday Bear wears a tiara and a specially designed Swarovski Brooch. This is a fully working Brooch and can be removed and worn by yourself. All this at such a good price.

We also see a delightful new Panda called Bamboo.

and finally from the fun filled delivery is possibly the most outrageous piece in the 2006 collection.

Wham Bam.

Wham Bam is a fabulous Orange and Green Mohair Bear, and what a combination. He is just amazing.

As usual I am having trouble deciding which is my favorite one out of the 2006 collection, because I just love then all !!!!!

To see these and the rest of the collection, please click on the header above.
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