Friday, February 10, 2006

WORLD RECORD PRICE for R John Wright........$41,000.00

The third annual charity auction to benefit the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (CAAF) took place on Saturday evening, January 28, 2006 in Orlando, Florida during the annual IDEX show. [Visit the Events Section for further details concerning IDEX.] For this effort, many artists and manufacturers graciously donated creations based on classic storybooks and fairytales to reflect the auction theme of "Once Upon A Dream."

Among the donated items was a One-of-a-Kind creation from R. JOHN WRIGHT DOLLS titled "Advice from a Caterpillar." This piece, shown in the photo above, is based on the original illustration by Sir John Tenniel in Lewis Carroll's immortal classic, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Since Alice's adventures turned out to be a dream, the subject fits the theme of the auction "Once Upon A Dream" perfectly! The unique and elaborate piece consists of an all-felt mushroom surrounded by felt leaves and grasses. Seated on the mushroom is a fantastic felt and silk caterpillar smoking an authentically-detailed hookah pipe. The pipe has been handcarved out of wood and embellished with genuine 22-carat gold leaf. Gazing up in wonder, is a diminutive one-of-a-kind all-felt Alice, fully jointed and measuring just 11 3/4" tall. Alice's face is delicately hand painted and she features a meticulously hand-knotted mohair wig. Alice is outfitted as per the original coloured Tenniel illustration in a beautifully tailored Victorian costume of silk and cotton batiste with tiny hand-cobbled leather slippers. These items are mounted on a felt-covered molded papier mache base measuring approximately 23" in diameter. The overall height of the piece is approximately 24".

At the auction, Advice From a Caterpillar realized the evening's highest bid of $41,000 - a world record for an R. John Wright creation. The total for the evening was a stunning $114,000 all of which will go to benefit children with AIDS. The CAAF event was a marvelous example of the positive power of art to bring joy and make a difference.

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